Pre and post operative care of cholecystectomy

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7 lower pain score (0. Approved Evidence Based Medicine Committee 9-20-2019 Patient Education • Cerner instructions as appropriate for diagnosis - Cholecystectomy, Post-Op Care, Pain Management, Post-Op Constipation, Low Fat Diet. It is found in the right iliac region of the abdomen, beneath the ileocecal valve (McBurney’s point). zillow. Between 5% and 40% of patients who have undergone a cholecystectomy experience some form of postcholecystectomy syndrome thereafter. 8. In laparoscopic cholecystectomy, approximately 25-30% of biliary injuries are identified during the operation; the rest become apparent in the early post-operative period. It must be noted that a pure liquid diet should be followed for 10 days after cholecystectomy. Plastic surgery: Arnica 30 (internally) and Calendula, (externally) four times a day. Cholecystectomy is a procedure through which your gallbladder is removed by the surgeon. A cholecystectomy consists of excising the gallbladder from the posterior liver wall and ligating the cystic duct, vein, and artery. 7. TRANSCRIPT.